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This multifunctional collection of small baskets offers you solutions to organize your desk, guestroom, bathroom, toilets, … It's an irresistable mix of contemporary design, the warm look of twisted banana leaf rope and tight weaving.

Basketry from Birma is known for it's precise and uniform weaving. This timeless collection mixes excellent craftsmenship with western design. The quality of the products is outstanding. Most items are available in both the traditional brown color and white satin.

Round boxes, bags, tissuebox covers, rectangular containers with lid, laundry baskets,…. multi colored or white. Designed by Marie Michielssen for Serax. The white items will easily find their own special spot in your bathroom. The multi colored bags are great flowerpots or storage containers.

The dark color gives a modern touch to this selection. Dark Agel is a great mix of weaving traditions and contemporary design. Use these flexible baskets as practical small storage, napkinholders, breadbaskets,… or in any way you might wish. They will add charm and value to your home.

Felt is one of the first textiles created by men. Felt is light but strong, friendly to color, water and temperature resistant but even more important durable. It's a warm material that can be used in many ways. The top articles are the log baskets, the placemats, handbags, the square storage and the linen baskets.

French wickerwork is the result of hours of delicate work by comitted and highly trained craftsmen. They produce work of immense quality and unseen regularity in the weaving. Each basket is woven with respect for age old traditions.

This all-round collection is known for it's strenght and decorative charm. The irregularities in the weaving and the color variations are typical characteristics. Most items are suitable for both in and outdoor use. The grey color is the natural result of dipping rattan bunches for over 1 month in pools of water, leaves and mud.



The leaves of the iraca or toquilla palm are used to create hats, placemats, round boxes, bowls, etc.. The tight and strong weaving, vivid colors and geometric paterns are typical caracteristics of this traditional Colombian handicraft. The best known example of this handicraft are the traditional Panamahats.

Our most precious baskets. Strong, soft, decorative and truly multifonctional.  100% Fair Trade and suistainable. The production of these baskets provide some of the poorest people in Bangladesh with an income. Woven from just one long plait this stunning basket is great for logs, toys and general storage. These baskets also folds flat when empty. A beautiful project and a beautiful product.

The unique designs of this collection are created by crocheting strings of recycled paper without using a single hook. A beautiful merging of French design and the vivid Korean tradition of rolling paper string by hand.

Practical small storage, round pots, napkinholders, breadbaskets,… each item is woven on a small loom. The natural light color gives these flexible baskets their discrete charm. A great mix of weaving traditions and contemporary design.

Soft tones, mixed colors, geometrical shapes and a nostalgic twist. Nordic styled basketry blends the comfort and warmth of the traditional with the clean profile and understated colors of the contemporary look. Our high standards regarding weaving, material and finish are essential in our selection of the objects that will inspire you.

A unique serie of practical coarse baskets. The leaves of the pineapple plants are pressed and ripped apart. The result are long thin hairs that have to be dried, colored and breaded together. Then the baskets are woven on a small loom. Finally each basket is finished with a stiffening treatment.

The baskets woven in recycled plastic are a mix of Sisal and recycled plastic.

The structure is in Sisal, the material that is braided “between” the structure is wire made from recycled plastic.

Bijzondere tassen voor multifunctioneel gebruik. 

Thin unpealed branches of young rattan are selected on strenght and color for this collection of storage solutions. The tight weaving and soft tints of grey and beige give the baskets a contemporary look.

The charming "tali" basket range is woven from thick ropes made out of waterhyacinth or banana leafs. The darkbrown colors and playfull look are typical for the banana leaf version. The waterhyacinth baskets have a lighter color and a more rigid shape. Use these very decorative baskets to store woodlogs, toys, plaids , ... They also make highly original flower pots.

Replicas of wickerwork that seemed to have lost it's traditional function (harvest, transport, protect,…) with the arrival of new materials and shapes. These special shaped, pratical and charming baskets will easily find their way back to the center of our homes and gardens.

Unique collection of small baskest from Indonesia . Produced by craftsmen who specialize in weaving handbags. Waterhaycinth, the raw material, is processed into thin but yet strong strings. The Kipas weaving is elegant with a natural look.

Water vine baskets are without a doubt the most elegant choice for your interior decoration in a natural material. This collection is highly valued for its natural color variations and it's fine and tight weaving. All items are covered with a food safe varnish, the complete collection is heat resistent and can be cleaned with water.

White lacquered basketware is often chosen for the decoration of bathrooms. We offer a selection of high quality basketware such as linen baskets and storage , originally woven in natural uncolored wicker, with a white lacquered finish.